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Day 17 - 18th July, Poděbrady

After the excitement of last night, I felt a bit flat at breakfast. However, we were doing grammar today in lessons, and the little geek I am – I love grammar. So that cheered me up, as did the most delicious pastry I have ever tasted at break time. For lunch, we headed to one of our regular haunts – Square Café, where S, Sheffield!Nic and I all had palachinky for lunch. The palachinky (pancakes) were delicious and filled with fruit, making them feel sort-of healthy…although that feeling soon left with the amount of cream and ice cream you could have accompanying them. After lunch, Sheffield!Nic went to Prague to visit a friend, whilst we decided to spend the afternoon chilling. That evening, we finally got around to trying the desserts in Pizza Trattoria. They are divine. The carrot cake was really moist and delicious, whilst the others went on about the tiramsu for at least half an hour if not more. As we eating dinner, we came with the idea of your favourite Czech case saying something about your personality. After dinner, S actually wrote out a sort of personality analysis based on the cases, and which one you prefer. I’m instrumental, and I think it’s a pretty accurate description! If you understand cases, check it out:

 Now Ladies and Gentlemen it is time for a bit of grammar fun: find out how your favourite Czech case can reflect your personality!

Step 1: Pick your favourite Czech case

Step 2: Discover what your favourite case says about your personality and love life!

If you're a Nominative 

You just love being the centre of attention! You like to gather people around you so you're very rarely alone. You're not a massive fan of change, instead preferring to be left the way you were born and the way you want to be. Love: You are very compatible with Accusative people, and find that you will work well as a team to solve problems in your life.

If you're an Accusative

You are a sociable person and like to be in contact with those around you, and are a particularly caring person who is interested in all those around you. You are fond of going to open spaces and common local amenities! You like taking control of the situation and doing the tasks at hand, thus working well with Nominative and sometimes even the Vocative. In terms of love you should search for an Instrumental person, in order to go to those places and do the things you like so much, but with a group of friends.

If you're a Dative

You just love sending letters and visiting people! Often you might have trouble following things through, instead merely going up to them and not continuing on inside. Long conversations on the phone are another favourite of yours, as are helping all those around you, whilst offering advice. You are a very sociable person and love speaking to people, although sometimes maybe you should let them reply a little more! Love: You would be compatible with an Instrumental person as you are both such sociable people who love to talk about be and people.

If you're a Genitive

For a Genitive person one of the most important things is to belong - you just don't like being alone and often will be referred to as the friend/boyfriend/wife/cousin of another person, as you always like to have your connections. You, like Dative, love visiting places, but are often to preoccupied about where you have come from than where you are now. You also like being close to and next to people, meaning you have a lot of close friends and enjoy spending time at their houses. In terms of love you might work well with a Nominative, as your caring and belonging nature can counteract their me-me-me personality!

 If you're a Locative

As a Locative person you concentrate very much on the present and where you stand right now. You like to be on top of things and keep track of the life around you. As a Locative make sure you watch your tongue and don't talk or write about other people too much, as this might turn them against you! You might also find as a Locative person that many people depend on you, but you must not take this too much to your advantage in your gossiping. As a Locative you should look for an Accusative companion, in an opposites attract manner, as Accusative are looking for places to go while you concentrate on the present.

If you're an Instrumental

You just love spending time with people! Possibly the most sociable of all the cases, you love spending time with friends and family and meeting new people. As an Instrumental you are often also looking forward to the future, and know what you want to become and the profession you are aiming towards, either now or later in life. Among your friends and colleagues you are particularly well known, and are generally satisfied with your situation in love, life and work. Unlike the Locative you might be slightly less sure of where you stand among people, and find you are often between or behind people. For this reason aim to pair up with a Locative and together make the most out of your sociable lifestyles!

If you're a Vocative

Calling people's names could only be this fun to a Vocative! You love to get the attention of others, although perhaps your friends and family find you too confrontational at times! Try not to make the situation all about what you want as people might find you are too self-centred at times. Alternatively find a quiet Genitive to join your life, and use your confidence and their sense of direction to become a powerful pair!

So there you are, you now know how your favourite case can help you go further in life!

Copyright goes to Stef Oliver, who came up with all of this :) 

You can read the original, and S's own travel blog at:

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