Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Day 21- 22nd July, Poděbrady

Sunday morning saw S and Jones pretty hung over, so we didn’t do anything til after midday, when we decided to walk to Nymburk, the regional town and about 8km away from Poděbrady. It was a perfect day for walking, sunny and warm, but not too hot to make you feel drowsy. On the way we sang songs from the various Scout/Guide camps people had been on before playing a number game Mike’s French teacher had used to punish their class when they mucked around. It involved counting up to 20, with everyone saying a different number, but there was no set order, so you just called out a number and hoped nobody else did at the same time. If someone did call the number at the same time, you had to start again from the beginning. Needless to state we played it with Czech numbers. It was fun, but I could see how with a big group and break-time coming it could turn sour very quickly. When we got to Nymburk, we had late lunch/afternoon tea before heading to the station to grab the train home. It took us a while to find the station thanks to the confusing signposts, but it did mean we got to see the town, including a beautiful old grammar school building.

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