Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Day 22 - 23rd July, Poděbrady

Monday afternoon saw us join a tour around the castle where we study to hear about its history and legends. I was also hoping to see some the rooms we don’t usually see, since the area the summer school covered was relatively small. However, the tour was completely given in Czech, making it difficult to follow and there was no sign of the leaflet in English we had promised. We also only saw the rooms we had seen as part of the summer school. After daydreaming for about an hour, since we understood little, S and I decided to make our escape. We also escaped early from the film being shown that night, Sheffield!Nic having seen it before, and S and I not enjoying it. Instead, we headed to the lake which was nearly empty and pretty at this time of day. Following the film, we met up with Misha and Mike and headed to Café Oliver in the park. Misha had an amazingly fluffy looking strawberry milkshake there, which led to a hilarious discussion about masculinity and wearing socks with shorts, which we all agreed, apart from Mike who was wearing them, were a disgrace. I mean, they look awful, and are they really necessary? If you are already wearing shorts, surely it’s hot enough to not wear socks too?

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