Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Day 23 - 24th July, Poděbrady

On Tuesday afternoon, Jones and I went on a trip to the Skoda car factory and museum. Whilst the museum was quite boring, just a bunch of cars with explications given in Czech, the factory was amazing. It was fascination to see the cars being put together, and because I’m a history freak, it was also interesting to see Adam Smith’s theory of the production line and Henry Ford’s theory of the moving production line being put into action. That evening, Misha, Mike, Jones and I went to the Chinese for dinner (Sheffield!Nic and S had gone to Prague). Whilst we were eating, Mike had a nosebleed, probably due to the heat. When the patroness saw what was happening, she immediately went and got a bag of ice and told him to put it on his head. It looked hilarious!

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