Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Day 24- 25th July, Poděbrady

Today saw us start learning our song for the farewell party, which was called “šššš” (shshsh). Zuzanna told us that every class had to sing a song at the farewell party, so after listening to about ten, we voted and got it down to two. Lun wanted to sing a song that the same tune as “Downtown” and when “šššš” won, he glared at S for at least ten minutes, and then turned round periodically to glare at her throughout the rest of the lesson, since she hadn’t voted for “Downtown”. It was pretty funny; especially as it obvious he wasn’t being serious. After lunch at Trattoria, S, Sheffield!Nic and I headed to the park, to spend the afternoon sunbathing. It was a fairly relaxed afternoon which was really nice.

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