Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Day 19 - 20th July, Poděbrady

Today saw another round of grammar bashing in class, involving the nominative plural, which in Czech is abnormally hard. Usually in languages you can rely on the nominative case, both singular and plural to be straightforward. Not so in Czech. For the masculine animate case, for both nouns and adjectives the ends of the words themselves change, not just the endings (N.B. I realise at this point I’ve completely lost anyone who doesn’t study a language that has cases…Sorry!) After a lot of discussion at dinner, we headed to the Irish pub, not entirely knowing what to expect. It was amazing. Despite being in a basement, meaning no natural light, it had lots of atmosphere thanks in part to the signs and flags covering the walls. It helped that the drinks were cheap too! Misha managed to get hold of a pack of cards and Mike taught us how to play whist. It was a good night, and we decided to head back there the following night to try Becherovka, the famous Czech spirit.

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