Sunday, 15 July 2012

Day 10, 11th July Poděbrady

We looked over the locative singular and plural today in class. Just as in Russian, I find the plural cases easier than their singular counterparts. Maybe the person who devised Czech and Russian noun cases was really keen when they started but was starting to get bored but the time they reached the plurals, so made them easier?

                In afternoon we had a lecture on a famous Czech artist, Mucha, given by Pani Volkova, the lady in charge of running the summer school. The pictures she showed us were beautiful and they seemed very familiar, all pretty women, with gorgeous, every detailed flowing locks (of usually) auburn hair, surrounded by very detailed flowers. My favourite was Princezna Hyacinta. However, the lecture dragged on for two hours and since it was delivered completely in Czech, I didn’t understand that much and had to fight the urge to sleep!

                After the lecture, we went to a Czech polka class, which was great fun. We were taken through the steps one-by-one, before partnering up. I was lucky to be partnered with a  guy as keen to dance as I was and so by the end of the class, I think we’d got the hang of it. For dinner we went to a restaurant called the Savoy (seriously doubt that there’s any connection to the hotel…) where I tried Kofola, the Czech version of Coca-Cola, made with spices. S and Mike were all over it, but I wasn’t that keen, due to its smell. I also tried rizek, which is schnitzel in English, and that was delicious. 

                After supper, S and I went back to her room to do our homework together, as neither of us understood what one of the questions meant. As S predicated, we actually ended up gossiping for a good while, and it probably took us longer to do the homework together than separately, but hey, it was fun!

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