Sunday, 22 July 2012

Day 15 - 16th July, Poděbrady

Most of today was spent planning the Multicultural evening that was going happen the next day. After meeting up again with S at lunchtime, we spent the afternoon thinking of ideas we could use in our presentation to showcase British culture. Because everyone has heard of the UK, we decided we could just focus on British culture, since we didn’t have to explain where the country was or what languages were spoken there as some of the smaller countries would have to.  

In the end, we decided that Sheffield!Nic would do the introduction and conclusion, I would talk about British food, S would talk about the Royal Family, Jones about British monuments and Mike and Het (the other British girl on Summer School who kept herself to herself, she and Sheffield!Nic had a past) would do weird sports. We also decided to hand out strawberries and cream and cups of tea during the presentation. We spilt up for a while to work on what we were going to say, then met up again to grab dinner from the supermarket, Albert. I love the fact it’s called Albert. It sounds like a butler! Upon discovering that there was indeed a microwave in the kitchenette at the end of my corridor, I grabbed a microwave meal. 

When I tipped the meal on to a plate about 15 minutes later, it say it looked unappetising was an understatement. It looked like an exact square of pink mush (it was meant to be vegetable risotto). However, once it had heated up, it looked a bit better and I ate it because I was hungry. It tasted okay, but I wouldn’t recommend the Albert branded vegetable risotto to everyone. There are probably things that taste nicer in the same aisle. After dinner, we finished planning the presentation, decided to add some videos of the weird sports Mike and Het were talking about, as after a picture describes a thousand words. It would also make the sports we were talking about, polo, cricket, hurling, curling, conkers, Gaelic football and cheese rolling easier for Het and Mike to explain. I mean how do you describe cheese rolling? No one will believe that people seriously race down a hill in Gloucestershire after a cheese until you show them a video doing it. Whilst watching in the video of these crazy people, I felt so proud to be from Gloucestershire!  

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