Monday, 9 July 2012

Day 6- Poděbrady, 7th July

Although today was a Saturday, and there were no lessons, I didn’t get much of a lie-in. Breakfast was served at a prompt 8.30 as we set off at 9.15 to visit a nearby castle. It took about an hour and a half for us to get there, but it was worth the journey. The castle was absolutely beautiful, like something from a fairy tale. In fact, before we took a tour inside the castle, a couple of us went for a walk around it, and saw a tower that looked exactly like the one from Tangled, that Rapunzel lived in before she escaped with Flynn Rider. (If you have not watched this film- go do so now. It is amazing. And it will change your life. You will not be able to stop singing “When will my life begin” for the next two days.)

When we finally started our tour, we had to take a pair of overshoes from a cupboard, apparently to protect some of the floors we were going to walk on later in the tour. S and I joked that we had to wear the overshoes because they had had to fire the cleaners due to the recession, but still needed the floors cleaned! I’ve been around quite a few castles in my time (ha, I sound like I’m sixty!) but I’ve never seen such a big collection of weapons, armour and things made to kill others, as in that castle. Some of the swords were almost bigger than me (not hard I grant you but still…), which made me wonder if the people who commissioned them had been trying to compensate for something… 

After looking around the castle, we went and had lunch in the adjoining town. We had lunch at the local pub, which was lovely, up until the point they told us they didn’t accept the lunch vouchers the government had given us to help cover meal costs. Annoyingly, by that point we had already eaten, so had no choice but to pay in cash. We cheered up tho by getting the most delicious ice-cream from a nearby kiosk. I had peach sorbet, which was divine. We then quickly looked round the deer park, which was attached to the castle, before heading back in the coach. In the deer park were some beautiful white deer, but also a poor fox cub, trapped in a cage. I hate to see animals that should be roaming free trapped in like that! 

When we got back to Poděbrady, we went to a restaurant by the river for a drink and I tried Ginger Ale for the first time. I thought it was amazing, but was told by S, that it was nothing compared to the stuff they sell back in the UK. For dinner, we went to an Italian pizzeria in the Square, where we encountered the rudest waitress since arriving in the Czech Republic. She sighed at doing anything and generally made us feel uncomfortable about being there. However, the pizza was good, so we just decided it would be a while before we returned.  

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