Monday, 16 July 2012

Day 11 - 12th July, Poděbrady

Disaster struck at break-time today. The corner shop that keeps the summer school caffeinated, and high sugar due to their coffee and pastry duo, ran out of coffee. It was especially annoying I was feeling kinds out of it and was relying on coffee it keep me awake through the second half of lessons. However, all was redeemed when Zusanna walked in after break with a patisserie box in her hands, containing homemade apple strudel. It was the most delicious pastry I’ve ever tasty, moist and sweet, without being sickly and the lack of puff pastry stopped it from being dry. In order to get strudel though, we had to write a story in groups, including several words Zusanna had written on the board. The unofficial leader of my group, Lun, (basically the one who could actually speak Czech) decided that we were going to write a philosophical rambling about life. Lun studies Philosophy and Czech in Slovenia, and has the coolest hair I’ve ever seen – it’s a massive afro that sticks out everywhere - you can’t help but see him in a room. 

I missed the afternoon lecture, since it was on Semafore, not something I’m really interested, and went on a walk by the river instead. Whilst on my walk, I passed a primary school on “Pirate Day”. It was sooo cute! They were all dressed up with skull and crossbones and eye patches! They then climbed on to massive canoes and proceeded to sail up and down the river, calling out “Yoho!” and “Arggghhh!” on a fairly regular basis. When I got back from my river, I joined the usual gang for a pivo (beer) at the local kosel (Czech pub). I tried Honey pivo, which was surprisingly nice, and the only beer I actually like! On the downside, it was listed as limited time only – and I haven’t been able to find it since. Sod’s law. For dinner, we headed to a restaurant next to the river that we had spotted whilst on our boat trip earlier in the week. We had to wait almost an hour for our food, but like the thunderstorms, I’m starting to get used to this, and the delicious salad I had more than made up for it!

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