Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Day 7- Poděbrady, 8th July

Today began with S, Sheffield!Nic and I wrestling with the kolej’s (dorm) washing machine. Just as we had bought our token, worked out where to open the door and how to set the program, and pressed start, the thing started washing our clothes on 60! Fearing that we’d find out that our clothes had been turned to Barbie’s newest clothing range when we opened the door (Barbie goes Czech! maybe?) we slammed on the stop button. Eventually, we managed to get the washing machine on the right program, but had to use two tokens. 

After the stress of the washing machine, the usual gang (which now included T, S’s Slovenian roommate and Mikhail, a German guy in Sheffield!Nic’s language class), Ali, a French girl and Xena, a Russian, all decided to have the originally named “Lake Day”, and so headed to the lake. Upon arriving and learning we were at summer school, the guy in the entrance booth to the manmade beach let us in for 10 korun, instead of 60, as his wife worked there. We then picked a spot and headed in to enjoy the water with S, Mike, Jones and I being on the lookout for slutty flies, remembering our last trip to the lake.

It wasn’t until about three o’clock, after various trips to the lake, then sunbathing afterwards that the Brits in our party started noticing that our backs felt very dry. Despite putting on layers of sun cream – we were burnt! That evening, whilst eating dinner in the Square Café (which is quickly becoming our regular haunt, as they have amazing salads and decent customer service) that in fully hit us that the others had avoided sunburn, it was literally just the Brits who had got sunburnt. To say we felt embarrassed by our nationality is putting it mildly!

Mike’s Daily Antics
Disclaimer: I would like to point out that Mike did not object to me posting about his daily antics, and that upon talking to him it becomes clear he is extremely bright, yet never shows off about it. He is just a bit lacking in common sense.

If someone is going to be late for something, or forget something, it’s going to be Mike. So in his honour, I’ve decided to dedicate part of my blog to the things he did that day, which made us laugh, shake our heads, or just go “Only Mike!”

Today it was missing breakfast, and then going after flies with a flip-flop. Despite being told at least five times the day before when we meeting, he still arrived downstairs as we were getting back from the restaurant where it was held. And I must admit, despite nearly knocking things over with the flip-flop, he did hit quite a few flies…

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