Sunday, 22 July 2012

Day 14 - 15th July, Poděbrady

Today we went to a Medieval Village in a nearby town. None of us were particularly keen to go, and so there was quite a lot of grumbling on the train. However, that all stopped once we arrived. Everything in the village, including the houses, dress and the roads, was designed to look like it had come straight from the Medieval era, so the roads were cobblestony and uneven and the door jambs were very low. You even had to change your money for old money, which I thought was quite cool!

There was also a beautiful garden and a small zoo attached to the village, and we spent quite a long time feeding the goats and the ostrich before heading back to the village for lunch. Lunch was amazing – chicken and potatoes cooked over massive open-air ovens and, a rarity in the Czech Republic, as much as salad and sauce as you wanted included in the price. Usually you have to pay extra for sauce or salad, and it can get quite pricey. For desert we had palachinky, which are traditional Czech pancakes served with jam which were delicious. I also tried some medovina, which turned out to be a bit like port.

On the way back from the village to the train station, we got absolutely soaked. Sheffield!Nic and  I had both been tricked by the early morning sunshine and were wearing short sleeves and thin fabric, meaning our clothes were almost transparent by the time we reached the station!

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