Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Day 12 - 13th July, Poděbrady

Rather embarrassing Russian moment today at break time. I went over to ask the Russian!roomie about the party she’d had gone to the night before, generic “Did you have a nice time?” sort of thing. Only, when I opened my mouth to speak, it wasn’t Russian that came out, but the weirdest mixture of Czech and Russian. Causing both Russian!roomie, and French!Nick (who was actually also Russian, but speaks French quite well) to give me weird looks. I tried to correct myself several times, until French!Nick put me out of my misery, saying “We understand” in that calming tone of voice one uses on small children and those with concussion. Talk about embarrassing and awkward.

S, T and Sheffield!Nic were off to Prague, (T and Sheffield!Nic to go shopping, and S because her boyfriend is visiting for the weekend and the pair of them are staying in a hotel in Prague. It’s really sweet that he came to visit her :) ) so I had lunch with the boys in the kosel, a Czech pub. The food was delicious and really cheap, but it was a tad unnerving when we noticed a small sign above the door stating that the previous manager was in jail, and the pub workers were campaigning for his release. Especially as it didn’t state why he was in jail. 

After spending the majority of the afternoon asleep, skyping or eating chocolate (I have a hard life I know), I joined the boys again for dinner. As we were walking to the restaurant by the lake, German!Mike was complaining about Mike (seriously, I saw in summer school there are only about five different boys’ names!) “knocking him up” in the afternoon. Cue the three Brits cracking up, and when we explained what he had said, German!Mike joined in. What he was actually complaining about was Mike waking him up earlier that afternoon by knocking on his door. Later that evening, whilst we were waiting for T and Sheffield!Nic to join us, German!Mike had us all in stitches again as he knocked his beer over whilst explaining something. I think the funniest thing of the whole event was German!Mike’s face when he realised what he had done to his beer!

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